Daylight Smart Clip-On Lamp

Daylight Smart Clip-On Lamp


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Portable and lightweight, this rechargeable lamp will easily clip onto your book, embroidery or cross stitch frame as well as a variety of other surfaces. Focus the light exactly where you need it with the flexible arm. The internal rechargeable battery can be easily recharged by connecting the supplied USB cable to your laptop or phone charger.

Technical Details:

Light source: LED
Lumens: 85
Lux at 30cm: 400
Colour temperature: 6,000 K
CRI: 80+
Energy consumption: 1.8W
Colour: White
LED rated life (hours): 50,000
3 brightness levels

Height: 12cm (4.72”)
Width: 35cm (13.78”)
Depth: 5.60cm (2.20”)
Cable length: 1m (39.4”)

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